Did you spot us? #ITVTonight

Last week we were on the ITV Tonight programme, did you see it? Full info on our previous blog.

We have to report that since filming we have managed to keep our shop to £60-70 a week which is simply fantastic for us. We have managed to keep our Lurpak replacement, which I thought would never happen.

Here’s the link to the programme on the ITV Hub.

Also, something you didn’t see on the filming is that there is the Asda Farm Stores range and an Asda Growers range. When out shopping, the Growers selection is what your eyes’ are guided too.

Jennifer 3

I went out with Rob for the first time shopping after the filming and showed him the different ranges because initially I thought I was shopping the more basic brand. There were times he picked up the Growers range thinking there wasn’t the equivalent, I then pointed where the Farm Stores range is placed. You have to work hard to see it because sometimes it’s as simple as a different label, sometimes it’s on the next shelf along, sometimes on the opposite or in a different isle altogether. Now we have got used to looking and give more time for our shop it has become a lot easier. I would encourage you to have a look when you are next out shopping, to be it feels like a tactic so you don’t see it the Farm Stores range because they don’t want you to buy it.

Let us know what you think and what you struggle with OR are savvy at.



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