8 to 300 by Riley Gilmour

Hi, my name is Riley. I am 6 years old and I like marshmallows.

We only had 8 caches until we got to 300!


We went to Brantingham and our first cache find was next to this war memorial (GC7GW1Z).

I found the Geocache at the well, it was fun and I liked it because it was a magnetic cache (GC7GVC9).


There was a cache in this telephone box which was now a place to find out information. It was a fantastic cache but unfortunately we didn’t find it, so we will come back another day and try again (GC7GV8N).


We went for a drive to find some cache and dash Geocaches because it had started to rain, we still got to our 300!

By Riley Gilmour

With some help from Mummy



13 thoughts on “8 to 300 by Riley Gilmour

  1. Well done Riley (and Mummy) We are so pleased that you are all enjoying geocaching. You have written a lovely blog.
    Happy hunting,
    The Head Honcho of the Cachekeepers

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  2. Great post Riley. Always great to see caching families having fun which can clearly be heard from the video. It has been so cool to follow your journey so far into the world of geocaching. Keep it up. Go Gilmores! 🙂

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