Our Travel Bug B&B

Last week Rob and I deployed our first Travel Bug themed cache. As a family we already had 4 cache’s out there hidden.

Our first one was from pure excitement of the fact that people would find our caches and is near our home, you can find it under the free membership at GC75E4W.

Our second hide was a micro because we do love a micro find, micro’s are super tiny caches that look like a little nut and can only hold a log book scroll. Ours again is close to home and placed near a derelict building which I always admire as I walk past, you can find it under the free membership at GC76FJV.

Sophie and Riley then wanted to join in our excitement so they helped make their own caches and chose the hiding spots. Sophie and Riley’s caches are a small size and have room for swappable’s and trackable’s in so we decided to make these premium only caches. You can find them at GC76NBM (Sophie’s) and GC76GTC (Riley’s).

Our Travel Bug B&B idea came from seeing a few posts and ideas on the Travel Bug Hotel’s people have made for caches. Rob and I decided we wanted to do something similar as we hadn’t seen anything here in East Yorkshire, UK on our caching adventures yet. It had to be a little different and it is, here’s an image and the description below.

travel bug b&b.JPG

“You will have to come off the path to find this Travel Bug B&B. Once found you will need to find the entrance, the penthouse is permanent residence to creepy crawlies so no need to root through here. 

Come and check your travel bugs in the lodge. Please rehide as found to keep this B&B on the Geocaching Secret Escapes for travel bugs. “

We won’t give the GC location for this one as it could be a spoiler for some. Those who have found it so far have loved the hide though. Treetop1974 was the first to find our cache and logged:

This one went live while I was still at work and I figured it would have been found by the time I got home (I live within a mile or so of this cache) so I didn’t rush. I went for a takeaway on my way home and played some Pokemon…. then thought I might as well come for a walk, as it’s a lovely evening, and still no logs of anyone having found it.
I haven’t been down here since last May when I found the other cache that is here, “Harvey’s Cache #2”, and such a lot has changed since then. It’s lovely to see the progress.
I got a lovely surprise when I found this cache. It wasn’t what I was expecting at all, and the blurb on the cache listing started to make perfect sense.
This one is getting a well deserved FP. I love homemade caches, and this one is very fitting for this location.
I did feel bad taking the only TB in residence – normally I would leave one if I take one, or I would in a TB specific cache, but we are going to Cheddar Gorge next weekend and can take it down there. I will call in at some point and put one in, in the next few weeks, hopefully one brought back from PirateMania! A TB hotel (or B&B in this case) should always have a resident or two!
Thank you for a creative, well made cache! Hopefully the first of many more?!

For those that don’t know what a travel bug is a trackable tag that you attach to an item. This allows you to track your item on Geocaching.com. The item becomes a hitchhiker that is carried from cache to cache (or person to person) in the real world and you can follow its progress online.

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