Magic 100

After weeks of trying to get to the first big milestone,,, we did it! We got to 100 finds. Rather impressed with ourselves and we certainly celebrated.


It all happened when Sophie wanted to go along to the Paper City that was open from 30th June to the 9th July as part of the Capital of Culture, Hull 2017. Sophie is very enthusiastic about Hull and has encouraged others to visit Hull and always speaks about historic icons from Hull, Amy Johnson being her favourite.

“Ten days celebrating colour and the freedom to play – installations by some of the most exciting creative minds from the worlds of contemporary art, design and architecture – using the specialist coloured paper, Colorplan, from Hull company G . F Smith.” 

Our 100th find was outside the Hull Truck Theatre (GC705PV) and Sophie was so excited she ended up doing her own victory dance. Sophie made us giggle and she cannot wait to get to 200 now! Here’s her very own victory dance (and yes there were muggles around but she didn’t care).


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